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Personalised learning

In week 8, we have a clearer look and view on what is personalised learning. Yes, maybe we know and did a few of personalised learning, but there are still chance to expand it and use it to the maximum in our classroom so that pupils will get full benefit of it.  I agree on this way of teaching or method, as it gives more chance or space for pupils to grow, but with the control and facilitate of teachers around.

So, this week i had the chance to look through a few sites, which are very interesting for pupils to use in the classroom. The tools that i choose is

“Build your wild self “

This tool is really suitable for a PL lesson, as it gives more freedom and chances for pupils to choose their own decision.

Year: 3 – 4

Level of proficiency : Average to high



1. teacher delivers the content, body parts to pupils.

2. Teacher then asks pupils to create their own wild self, in pair, it can be their imagination friend, or how they want themselves to look

3. teacher gives around 20 minutes for pupils to create their wild look

4. teacher then calls out every pair, or a few pair to the front of the class and asks them to explain their ‘wild self’

5. teacher asks a few questions to each pair

6. for the next lesson, teacher asks pupils to create a ‘wild self’ for each of them

7. by the end of each class teacher will call out few pupils and explain why they create that look and the function of each body parts.

This website really helps to expand pupils imagination and it will surprise us how they create their wild look and explain it to others.

thats all thank u




its Week 7 ! ouh well… time flies so fast, that is one thing that we cant deny..

this week, we had the chance to manipulate, change and teach using the format of the famous game show

“Who wants to be a millionare”

for me it is interesting to know that we can teach using a game show and such approach, but come to think of it, almost everyone know the format, the way to play this game and enjoys watching it. Thus, why not take it to teachers’ advantage in using it as a learning tool.


I learned


I learned that, as a teacher i need to open up my mind, always think out of the box and always see one situation in a positive way. Although first i thought changing the game to a teaching session will be a challenge for me, but as it goes along and i have a good grasp of the idea, it become clearer to me. Plus, having friends to help me understand, and share ideas also makes it an easier process.

I also learned that teachers can use many games, tv programs and many more in making a lesson interesting, although it sometimes seems impossible, time consuming and many more ‘obstacles’ we set in our mind. But, when we find the right topic to teach and suit the game or ideas of teaching we have, it will be so much easier. As when my group and i find it easy to manipulate and adjust the power point as we had the right topic in mind.

I questioned

How effective the lesson will be with more interesting, colorful and interactive games ? Will pupils demand more and will they block themselves from learning the traditional way?

Also, the types of questions should be asked… and how it will open and expand pupils mind to the lesson.

Besides that, the background that should be used in the slides of power points. As it is for kids, we tend to put some colorful, cartoon and interesting background, but it will also disturb or block the fonts and questions we try to focus on.

The rewards given to pupils also may vary, and i am not quite sure which will leave a big impact to pupils, to make them have the urge to compete with each other and get the best result in the learning session.


therefore, I am very thankful that i had the chance to look and  see how others manipulate their ‘game show’ and make it an interesting one. It really opens my eyes to more interesting ideas and possibilities for me to use in the future.


Kerpoof !

hey hey everyone

happy chinese new year !

anyway. i’m here to talk about one of the ICT tools.


it is one amazing tools, and its free ! even i am excited when i had the time to explore and use it. .

here are some definition, or explanation on what is “Kerpoof”

~~~KerPoof is a free online multimedia software that allows children to explore their creativity by drawing, making animated movies, writing and illustrating stories, producing pictures and cards and more. The software is intuitive and easy to use, giving children – even those who aren’t proficient in art – an opportunity to produce and share successful artwork quickly and without frustration.

This website is so colorful and surely it will attack children attention to use it.

With this website, users can

– Make a picture

-Make a movie

-Make a drawing

-Make a card

-Make a story

-Spell a picture

It has wide range of activities with many interesting and pretty picture to assist children when using it. It is also free to be used and is really user friendly where the website do not need hours to be downloaded.

As for me, I do not see many limitations of using this ict tools , as long as there is internet service available, a nice decent computer and a mouse.That would be all that is needed so that children, pupils especially have the chance to use this tool.

It is suitable to be use for pupils in standard 2 to standard 4, especially in many topics, such a making cards for a special celebration, or creating their own stories, while learning fairy tales and fables.  besides that, pupils can use it together, where they can be in a group and create a story or make a card together.This will make the learning process more interesting.

that is why, in my opinion Kerpoof is another way to enhance learning and make it more interesting for pupils so they would benefit from each teaching and learning session. Teacher can create many activities with such tools in hand , not just to benefit the pupils but to enrich their own experience as a teacher.

these are few examples on how you can use Kerpoof, where you can spell a picture, and they will provide pictures for users to choose from, you can create a card, even create drawings and pictures plus add doodles in it !! its so interesting and FUN !!

hope you people will have the chance to try it.

here is the link


My wish list for ICT :)

heellooo everyone . . .

Well , i am sure we have ponder or think about..what kind of teacher would we be in the future? One who just stick to the old style of teaching . . or we would want to change and manipulate our teaching style with all the technology and facilities available now. I think some of us have decide already what kind of teacher would we want to be, after the somewhat bitter-sweet memories and experience during the whole practicum months.

As for myself, i had only a few experience using ICT in teaching my pupils. But, yes i would love to have more chances and opportunities to use ICT in my teaching session. Here are my 10 wish list, for the future in ICT so it can help me be a better educator and help pupils maximize their learning 🙂

1 — A big, comfortable and equip room.

I think the basic should be well prepared first, before the other gadgets and facilities comes in. I see in many schools, they lack rooms such as computer room or media rooms. Even if they have, it is either too small to fit the amount of pupils in classrooms, which is around 35 to 40 pupils . Besides that, it is usually not fully equip with LCD, projectors, power plug and many more. Thus, I really wish in future, all teacher would not have to face this problems. I hope rooms that are equip, big and comfortable enough would always be there to be used and manipulate by the teachers. Besides, it will help us decrease our headache and migraine thinking about places to fit in the pupils whenever we have some lesson involving ICT such as power points or videos. :p

2– Good internet connection

I am glad to see that most schools now have wireless internet service or Wifi in the schools. It helps teacher in many sense. Therefore, to make it even, with good facilities of ICT in school, good connection of internet should be available for teachers.

3– Computers and Laptops

My next wish is that, schools provide a room such as computer labs or even laptops for pupils. Well, to asks for each pupils to get one laptop each is quite, well over the top to ask, but it is not impossible. We just need more money to fund it. However, for me school is the place where pupils can be exposed to technology, such as the use of computers and internet in learning. Therefore,even a child that does not have a laptop or computer at home, can always use the one provided in schools. It will make pupils look forward to the class and excited to learn something new and know they get the chance to use the knowledge, even tough they do not have the access to it at home. Some schools provide only about 15 to 20 computers, where 40 pupils have to share to use it, and some of the computers are not working. This will de-motivate pupils and decrease their interest in learning using ICT. I would love to see this change in the future 🙂

4– Good maintenance

I wish in each school, there would be one or two workers, may be teachers, who is responsible in checking all the facilities such as laptops, computers, lcd, projectors, cd players and make sure all of them can be use and in good condition. Now, i can see some of ‘these people’ in school, but they are sitting around, doing nothing to fix the damage, and when teachers asked about the things, they just answered ‘it can’t be use, its broken’. I would love to see people who actually do their work and not sit around and let the facilities be dusty along the years.

5– Courses in ICT

Well, I am glad that i have the opportunity to learn about ICT in Um during my course. But, i am sure not all teachers have the privileged , so there need to be courses in preparing teachers to use more and  more ICT in classroom. It can be in stages, so teachers will learn step by step without having too much pressure and expectations on them. Especially for the more matured teachers, who are not familiar with technologies and such. I am sure it will benefit both teacher and pupils.

6– Expert teachers in ICT

I think this will also help teachers like me in schools. If one or more teachers are expert in using the gadgets and ICT in schools, i can always have someone i can refer to if i face any problems. Not to take advantage , but to learn from them as it will also help me in the future. If i face any doubt about using any activities involving ICT, i may ask for their opinion and re-evaluate my lesson so it will be better.  In time, maybe i will also turn out to be one of the experts in ICT. . well who knows ;p

7–Creative ways of evaluating pupils

I wish, that my pupils, are able to use websites like Facebook, windowslive, and even blog sites, as one of their way of being evaluated. It is like what we have now, where pupils can share opinions, share knowledge and pass out information so fast with the help of these websites. It will be hard to control as it may have some distraction,  but i see it is not impossible to do so.

8– Smaller classroom

Not in the form of the size but the amount of the pupils. I hope each class will not exceed 30 pupils for each classroom, well maybe the maximum should be 32 or 35 pupils. It will make everyone happier, as pupils have more space and teachers get less stress out and can focus on each pupils as individuals 🙂

9–Curriculum that is flexible

Now, we have to deal with the needs of the curriculum and the topics in the text-book so pupils can answer and score in their exams. I wish the curriculum would be more flexible and have more space and suggestions on how a teacher can carry out a lesson on certain topic with the use of ICT. Now, it guides teacher on how to use the textbook, but it would be better if the syllabus and curriculum also change along with the needs of ICT in classrooms.

10– Money !
Lastly, my wish is that there will always be enough funds for schools to cater to this need of ICT in teaching and developing pupils to be better. Some schools face problems to maintain their facilities because of financial problems. So, it would be a waste for teachers not to use their creativity, technologies and sources around them just because of the fund and money is not enough. I wish money would not be a big issue that stop teachers from being more creative and teach more to pupils.

I am done! These are my 10 wish list that I hope I can see, have or do in the future. 🙂 I really hope i can be a resourceful teacher that helps pupils to develop their knowledge with all the technologies we have nowadays.

so long ! take care !

Give a little more PUSH ~

hello everyone.. well like everyone else i’m here to share a little bit of some of my i can say, great experience in my school.

I was in SK.Bandar Tasik Selatan  for almost 3 months. . and i was teaching mathematic and English subject to Year 4 and 5. Well , the school was an average school, like most schools in KL . It is crowded and noisy, with about 30 to 40 pupils in a classroom. Most of the students also come from low and average family background. Thus, i can say their English proficiency is quite low.

As for the school, there is one Media room, where there is one lcd screen, with chairs, but the room itself is quite small, dark and if i were to put 30 to 40 pupils in there at once, of course it will be total chaos. There are also some LCD projectors that were available for teachers to use, and we have to take turn to use it.

I had some experience using ICT in my English classroom, with the Year 5 classroom. I was able to use my own laptop, and a song, to play a game with the pupils. Obviously they were excited to play the game with the catchy song ‘Waka Waka’. When i asked them, had they played games and music in the classroom, they said very very seldom. It shows that the teachers there, use a little of ICT in the classroom to expose pupils to English. There are no speakers available in the class, thus i have to bring my own speakers.

Another experience that i had, was during English week, where my partner for practicum, syima and i agreed to do a story-telling session for the year 1 pupils. We were already busy preparing our costumes and many things, then the teacher in charge of  the English week,  told us we have to handle everything by ourselves. He did not even help with getting and borrowing the LCD projector. It was chaos, where we have to run here and there to ensure everything is in place on time. We had to on the LCD and gather the pupils, use the laptop and everything. However, i can see a vast difference.  In the story-telling session, the pupils even with low proficiency in English were able to understand the story with the help of pictures, songs and background pictures that we used along with the story. They were also very excited singing and doing actions along with us. It would be a totally different scenario if we were not using the ICT such as the song, the LCD screen and projectors and many more.

So with this experience, i can really conclude that using ICT is not impossible or  a HARD thing to do. We just need to put a bit more effort on understanding how to use it and maintain all the facilities given. This will give a vast impact to the pupils learning process, as what i witness it myself.

now. wordpress


welcome to the last semester

i am just trying out this new site

wordpress..i’ve heard and see it before but never use it

so now its time to explore it as it will be my e-portfolio

hope everything will run smoothly this semester 🙂

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its done. sign~ sealed~ delivered

Weeeee…as u can see… thats our video kit..
after aalll the hard work at last it is done..
and i can say it is one of the biggest kit ever hehe
because the box is quite big.. well. we include so many things in it
such as the stuff for experiments for science subject and also mathematics subject..
as suggested by Ms.Ng herself.. so i hope it will all be worth it with our hardwork…

i am just soo happy that one big assignment is finally done and get over with
but yah moooreee to come though the exam week is just around the corner..

i just hope for the best for my group and me,as well as everyone because all of us have pour our sweat and ideas for this video kit, and i have faith aaall of us will get gooood benefit and marks from this.. yeah. i know how is the feeling of satisfaction nooooww…thank God.. syukur alhamdulillah… thank u soo much to Ms.Ng for the guides given and for the extra time ..:) also thanks a loot to my groupmates that have helped me to get through this period of time where we are so stress to get things done but stil you gurls lend a helping hand when i need it.. thank youu soo much…

take care and good luck for the exams my fellow friends..muax muax

the peak of it all~~

hellooo friendsss
im gonna talk a little about the progress and the process of making my video kit
oh my god, i agree with Ms.Ng that if we procrastinate there gonna be sleepless nightsss… so yeah, when we were to submit the assignment on Wednesday, we did not sleep at all on that Tuesday night, so that we can check and ensure everything is there.
for my own kit, well i admit, i do procrastinate and well i get what i deserve.
it was hectic, i need to check the manual, the task sheets, the video and maanyy moreeee. it was chaotic night for us all..
and to add things up and make it worse, we have 4 printers, and 2 are not working!! suddenly, that night when we NEEEEED to use it to the max, it was not working!! i was sooo dissapointed and blur, same goes with my friends.. and the other 2 can only print for black and white.. imagine frieendssss…!!! we stay calm though. we finish everything at about 6am we went to erma’s house to get her printer so that we can print everything. thank God everything was done on time.

Now i am aware of the process to get a product done, especially something to sell. And i am also aware of the importance of instructions and guidance. because if we were to sell something and people are to use it, if they do not have the right and complete instruction, they will use it wrongly and for something like this video kit purpose, the objective will not be achieved. so yeah i had a greaaattt experience in completing the video kit and i am so satisfied with my work and also my group’s work!!!..

Video kit (early steps)

oh my! oh my!
Its near the due date of the video kit already! so fast the time fly, i just wish i can freeze it but yeah someone please smack me because the reality is i cant. hehe…anyway, the video kit project should be starting and progressing…right about..NOW!
My group is the number one group (if it is according to the principles)

and we have different teaching content and different subjects such as mathematics, science and English itself
therefore, so far we had discuss that each of us can just produce our own teaching aids, such as task sheets or even relia that will help the teaching process and make it an effective video kit!!
As for myself, my video was on teaching children the taste buds, such as sweet, bitter and sour. Plus, it was an interactive video, thus i believe there is no other way to test the learners understanding but to use task sheet. It is simple but effective. Learners’ portray their understanding through the answers given, whether they are able to identify and differentiate every taste buds. I was planning to do a ‘match the picture’ kind of task sheet. Now i am just looking through a few task sheets available online so that i can get a better and clear idea on how to enhance my task sheet. Besides that, we are still discussing on the right title of our video kit… let it be a Surprise! plus, our group has a plus point.. because we decided to name all the characters the same so the videos will look more organized and it would not confuse the user, even though the teaching contents are different…
Wish me luck my friends and GOOODDD LUUCCK to aaall of you. We can do it!

To my groupmates, dont worry we ca
n make it..
(i am soo still in my holiday mood!)